From mood boards to digital renderings, we work directly with our clients to help them achieve their vision. Due to our successful history of craftsmanship, our team designs within the project perimeters including budgetary, space, and time. 

SBI understands exactly how to transform any venue into the perfect event space. We create unique environments in line with your branding vision. Each step in the design process is deliberate, ensuring that every design choice contributes to creating an impactful experience.


An exceptional event often requires moving beyond stock scenery and furniture to creating one-of-a-kind pieces that truly stand out. With a team of talented craftsmen in a state of the art fabrication facility, SBI has the capacity to bring design concepts to life.

Specializing in custom scenic and prop fabrication, our team is capable of tailoring any piece to your precise vision.

Unique runways, life size interactive phone,  custom jewelry display cases, 20 ft tall monoliths, showrooms, pop up stores, and floating runways are just some things we have built. We turn your idea into reality. 


Producing an event not only involves coordinating a number of moving parts but also rigorous attention to detail. Our team works with clients from the initial planning phase to understand their specific goals and create a production strategy that ensures the successful execution of every project.



Successful event planning is about thinking conceptually without losing sight of the details. From corporate events to high-end weddings, we combine deep experience with access to a vast network of industry-leading vendors to make the process of planning and producing any event enjoyable and completely stress free.